Are you a Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Candidate?

Health Assessment for Men

How frequently do you experience the following symptoms?

Decline In General Well Being


Joint pain/muscle ache

Excessive Sweating

Sleep Problems

Increased Need For Sleep




Depressed Mood

Exhaustion/Lacking Vitality

Declining Mental Ability/Focus/Concentraion

Feeling you have passed your peak

Feeling burned out/hit rock bottom

Decreased muscle strength

Weight Gain/Belly Fat/Inability to Lose Weight

Breast Development

Shrinking Testicles

Rapid Hair Loss

Decreased in beard growth

New Migraine Headaches

Are you experiencing any of the following conditions?

Decreased desire/libido

Decreased Morning Erections

Decreased ability to perform sexually

Infrequent or absent ejactulations

No results from E.D. medications

Do you have a family history of:

Heart disease



Alzheimer's disease

If you are a good candidate, how soon would you like the Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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